Selected Projects
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     >> Pharma cleaning equipment
     >> Ultrapure water systems
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     >> PAT (Process Analytic Technology)
     >> Clinical trials
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Bayer Health Care Schering Berlin Chemie
Pharmaceutical Packaging

Schering AG (2006-2007) - Berlin
Syringe completion line

Conceptual Design, Planning and Designing, packaging optimization, on the fly line integration
Pharma cleaning equitment

SPG (Schering) (2006-2007) - Weimar
Cleaning equipment for size parts and containers

Conception, Project planning (tender preparation, machine procurement, GMP risk analysis)
Ultrapure water systems

Schering AG (2005-2008) - Berlin
Cleaning equipment and establishment of an Aqua PI in the field of Solida

Conception, Master plaanning, specification preparation, risk analysis, cleaning validation, equipment procurement, installation qualification
Packaging Solutions

Bayer Schering Pharma AG (2009/2010)
PAT (Process Analytic Technology)

Schering AG (2004) - Berlin
size part storing for blister packaging lines

Conception, specification, procurement, Coordination and Execution, documentation
Clinical Trials

Bayer Schering Pharma AG (2008 / 2009 - 2010) - Berlin

Technical operations planning, budget planning, technical coordination of manufactoring processes , procurement, Coordination of training and calibation
Technical feasibility study
Schering AG (2006) - Berlin
Evaluation of robot application of a syringe packaging line

Technical examination robots, process analysis, development evaluation report

Menarini – Berlin Chemie (2006) - Berlin
Planning a laundry part format for the field of packaging machines

Master planning, design, documentation
Factory Master Planning

SPG (Schering Produktionsgesellschaft)
(2002 / 2003) - Weimar
Engineering support for planning a plant expansion in the field of design and logistics

Planning, design, specification preparation, equipment procurement, coordination

Schering AG (2005-2008) - Berlin
Planning for the expansion and construction of a computing center (capacity 1500 Server)

Risk analysis, master planning, conceptual design, preliminary design, cost planning, documentation